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Modafinil Stories

While it is imperative to analyze the scientific research on pharmacological agents and nootropics, it is also important to read anecdotal reports on drugs like Modafinil.


Different online communities flourished in this department - Reddit is affluent with Modafinil stories, so we compiled that information into one place, where you can learn about safety use of these smart drugs because of others' mistakes.

Here you will hear long-time and novice users, share their personal experiences with Modafinil, Adrafinil and Armodafinil. Some members of the community were kind enough to provide dosage information, as well as their reasoning for taking the drug, and most importantly - their insights, tricks and tips. We hope you'll enjoy and benefit from our and others Modafinil stories.

If you're interested to add your knowledge, don't hesitate - contact us, and we'll share your story here.

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