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Modalert vs Modvigil - The Short Guide

If you are interested in the smart drug Modafinil, and wonder what are the differences between its two most renowned and utilized generic versions, and which generic brand will work for you - Modalert or Modvigil, you've come to the right place - this article is the definitive guide about Modalert vs Modvigil.

Modafinil is a great smart drug (or nootropic, depends on who you ask), notoriously recognized as a tier 1 cognitive enhancer,

However, there are a slew of different versions of it - which one is superior? Which is more suited for your needs?

We faced the same dilemma when we were novices.

Because there are plenty of options in the market, paralysis by analysis is, unfortunately, easy to come by.

Below, we'll discuss what is Modafinil, what are the different options you should consider trying, their effects and differences, the best safety protocols for these smart drugs, possible nootropic alternatives, and what is Armodafinil, Waklert, and Artvigil.

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The Smart Drug Modafinil

This article is about Modalert vs Modvigil, but what exactly the so-called "nootropic" Modafinil really is?

Modafinil is a pharmacological cognitive enhancer (PCE) used to treat various sleep related medical conditions such as sleep work shift disorder (SWSD), and obstructive sleep apnea.

Created in 1974 in France by the pharma enterprise L. Lafon, it was only in 1998 that the FDA granted Modafinil the approval to be given to narcolepsy patients, as a eugeroic drug - a drug that augments wakefulness.

Modafinil was found to be extremely effective and helpful, since narcolepsy patients fall asleep arbitrarily entering the dream stage of REM, immediately.

However, this smart drug is notorious for the effects it exerts in healthy individuals as well.

The act of cognitive enhancement for completely neurologically healthy people, was coined as "cosmetic psychopharmacology", there are many nootropic substances that people utilize in order to gain that edge, Modafinil stands tall among those.

The brain boosting properties of Modafinil are often times harnessed by the likes of students and business professionals, or any human who needs a tonic like substance to facilitate more brain power.

These individuals witnessed an elevation in various cognitive, physiological and mental metrics, such as:

  • Improved concentration levels - Modafinil makes focusing on tasks easier

  • Appetite suppression

  • Productivity - probably the main show when it comes to this smart drug, efficiency will increase

  • Ambition - goes hand in hand with the last one, if you're more motivated you'll likely be more productive

Modafinil and its sub medicines are the most potent and popular smart drugs around the globe right now. There is a list of other drugs but here we will talk about two major types of Modafinil, “Modalert and Modvigil.”, let's explore them further based on different parameters.

Man focused
Want to bolster your focus?


Modalert vs Modvigil overview

Production: Modalert and Modvigil are generic Modafinil products. These products are produced by two reliable pharmaceutical companies in India, HAB Pharma, and SUN Pharma.

Generally, both these pharmaceutical institutions produce premium-quality medicines.

Modalert of SUN Pharma have some stronger effect and is found to be more consistent, but people also admire Modvigil. Both have an identical chemical structure to the brand name Modafinil "Provigil", and people have near Indistinguishable results with these smart drugs.


Modalert Tablets promotes wakefulness to those who suffer from extreme sleepiness in the daytime or during working hours. It helps you stay awake while sleepy and helps patients deal with sleeping disorders. If your work schedule is pleasant, then Modalert will enhance the concentration of the individuals consuming it during sleepiness periods.

Most people want to order Modafinil but end up buying Modalert which is a lucky thing, because Modalert is a way cheaper Modafinil product. Patients with sleepiness and sleep disorders who consume Modalert are well familiar with the results of SUN Pharma production. Many of them have reported a positive response, including Digital Nomads, CEOs, health workers, special forces personnel, and students, all of whom rely heavily on their brains' performances.   

It is the best smart drug on our planet, as a single 200MG tablet will remain active in the body for at least 10 to 14 hours. Imagine a continuous concentration and focus for that much time during sleepiness is no less than a miracle - peak performance in a pill.


Modvigil is a semi-product of Modafinil and is used for the treatment of sleepiness and Sleep disorders. It is also known as the “Genius Pill” among people because it enhances the focus during working time. This drug is produced by HAB Pharma of India, which is a reputed pharmaceutical company.

People suffering from excessive Narcolepsy consume this smart drug. Some doctors prescribe the standard dose to their patients suffering from sleep disorders. Modvigil has several benefits:

⦁ It is a cheap generic Modafinil brand, while also very high quality.

⦁ Less half-life compared to Modalert.

⦁ Contains all cognitive benefits with fewer side effects.

Compared to Modalert, most users claim that Modvigil is less potent and less powerful, which is understandable and for some can be a big benefit. But, some skeptics think that Modvigil is not the original “Modafinil”, which is absolutely wrong. Modvigil is an authentic and 100% real Modafinil generic version. 

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This way you'll be able to try out first-hand Modalert and Modvigil


Which One Is Better: Modalert or Modvigil?

Some people do select Modvigil for their cause, but mostly rave for the Modalert of SUN Pharma. Both of these drugs are praised differently while having the same function. The thing is that for several people Modvigil does a good job and for others Modalert is a perfect choice. We have to look at the statistics of these drugs to understand which form of Modafinil will do best for different people.

Now, which drug does a better job? Modalert vs Modvigil presented clearly with this comparison chart to clarify things up:

​Brand's Name:



User review

People review this drug as the best “Smart Drug,” Due to its strong result. Modalert is created by a popular and reputable organization and is famous as a smart drug. It is ranked 1st position.

If we talk about Modvigil, people have rated this drug positively. It has same functions as Modalert because of their same ingredients. However, it ranked at 2nd position after Modalert.


Highest success rate

High success rate


It is produced by SUN Pharma which is a Reputable Pharmaceutical Company

It is produced by HAB Pharma which is popular and reliable.


100 mg and 200 mg

(standard recommended dose 200 mg) Healthy Individuals may even get great results at 50 mg

100 mg and 200 mg

(standard recommended dose 200 mg) Healthy Individuals may even get great results at 50 mg

Effectiveness & Potency




10 to 14 hours

11 to 13 hours

Side effects

⦁ Hypersensitivity

⦁ Headache

⦁ Nausea

⦁ Fever and chills

⦁ Confusion

⦁ Trouble sleeping

⦁ Dizziness

⦁ Increased heartbeat

⦁ Body pain

⦁ Stomach upset

⦁ Vomiting

Full Onset of action

​20 to 40 minutes average

One-hour average


Increase focus and concentration extremely, stimulates brain, promote wakefulness in sleepiness.

Maintain focus and concentration during sleepiness, stimulates brain for cognitive purposes, handle sleep disorders.

Consumption instructions

Prescribed to take with food for better result, but taking without food is also fine. Consuming Modalert after a fat meal can delay the effect. Avoid drinking Alcohol.

Can take with or without food without any inconvenience. Fat meal can delay processing of its function. Don’t consume Alcohol before or after.

Modalert and Modvigil medicines have almost the same properties. Different people and patients with sleep disorders use them for the same purpose. Drugs like Ritalin, Modafinil, Adderall, Waklert, and Dexedrine are used to treat ADHD/ADD and Narcolepsy. These drugs can also be used for the enhancement of cognitive factors to improve focus and concentration.

Both products of Modafinil share the same classifications and their dosage is also the same.

There is not much difference in the tolerability of these drugs. The doctors give the caution to never mix these drugs ever, and this is their main difference. The term mixing means taking both pills on the same day. It can lead to adverse circumstances and is considered a drug overdose. Only one pill at any time (after 24 hours of the previous dose) is prescribed by doctors.

Pharmacist filling prescriptions



Both drugs are the product of Modafinil. In the United States of America, the original version is produced by Provigil Cephalon Inc.

⦁ Prescribed to promote Wakefulness, treat sleepiness, dealing with a sleep disorders like narcolepsy, and sleep apnea.

⦁ They share the same interest and purpose to improve cognitive functions.

⦁ Both have almost the same functions while having different manufacturers and formulas.

⦁ Have the same ingredients and chemicals.

⦁ Both are manufactured by Indian companies in India.

⦁ Both drugs come in 200 or 100 mg pills.


⦁ Modalert Drug is produced by Sun Pharma of India. According to a study, SUN Pharma is the 5th largest specialty Generic and reputed Pharmaceutical Company in the world. Modalert is very popular due to its reliability and strong results. People believe that the quality of Modalert is consistent.

⦁ Modvigil is produced by HAB Pharma of India. This Pharma Inc is much smaller compared to SUN Pharma. This company isn’t very recognizable by people and other pharmacists because there isn’t any brief information about the company on the Internet.

⦁ Some consumers report that the results of Modalert are more consistent compared to Modvigil and Modalert has fewer “Bad Batches”.

⦁ Both drugs use the same basic ingredients but there can be a slight difference in “filler” ingredients. The products of “HAB Pharma” are also cheaper than “SUN Pharma”.


The reality is that every single one of these products gets the job done. Users will find impressive cognitive enhancement with all of them, while having little to worry about in terms of safety and side effects.

May vary from person to person, but most people find Modalert as a “stronger” Smart drug than Modvigil.

Several people also admire Modvigil, and they believe it works better for them.

The consistency of Modalert gives a plus point over Modvigil.

Furthermore, healthy users should not worry about these drugs — however, we aren’t doctors and this isn’t medical advice.


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Important note: this article may contain affiliate links, with that being said, our articles are always made with good faith and intentions.

This article is scientific research based, please contact us if you find any outdated information in one of our guides or articles.



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