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Modafinil Productivity

One of Modafinil's virtues is its ability to bring unparalleled productive states to the users.

Modafinil's productivity-enhancing effects are well-known, and many individuals take the drug to complete difficult tasks, be it students that learn to their finals or professionals in competitive work places who seek to finish projects fast.

Modafinil can help you get things done that you may have procrastinated on or found difficult to accomplish before - mainly repetitive and monotonous tasks; that happens because Modafinil is a pharmacologic cognitive enhancer (PCE) that elevates the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is intertwined with ambition, focus, and memory, hence when these are elevated in the right way, one might become a productive machine obliterating dead-lines in record time, you are prone to find everything interesting.

If you have a difficult project to complete or a goal to achieve, Modafinil may help you get the job done.

Daniel is a researcher in our team, this is his story about Modafinil productivity.

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Modafinil and Work

Hey, it's Daniel.

Long story short, it's 2013, and I've watched the movie "The wolf of Wall Street" just days after I quit my job.

You've guessed it - I got immersed in the world of trading stocks.

I finished a detailed course, enlightening all the scary terminology of the topic - ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, options, futures, and many other esoteric financial instruments.

After a year of solo inter-day & swing trading, I've built an impressive portfolio and a track record indicating I was an analytical investor that can put emotion to the side and follow his plan rigorously - even when the market is ambiguous.

I decided to go to the big leagues and landed a job as a broker in a top-tier Nostro firm (a model where the company trades on their own capital), let me just tell you, for me, Modafinil and work were like Bonnie and Clyde - a dangerous match.

My routine was taking it every other day, at a 50 mg dosage, and I tell you, Modafinil productivity is no joke.

Not only that, but I've reached uncharted territories with my trading because suddenly I've come to notice all the times the trading might've made me nervous or excited, and even though before Modafinil I had a good trading mentality, I was starting to notice that I do fall for pressure buying, and FOMO.

Modafinil eliminated all of that completely, it kind of lifted my meta-cognition and allowed me to understand my weaknesses better, in that sense Modafinil and work were a superb match.

I started to understand why Modafinil is a base commodity in Wall Street - Modafinil and Wall Street are made for each other because it allows brokers to detach themselves from unnecessary feelings, become more logical, and get immersed in the data; they need it like they need to breathe fresh air.

Modafinil is known to decrease the amygdala's reaction to fear, and according to the scientific field of "neuroeconomics", securities investors with brain damage may make better trading decisions compared to regular investors, so there may be a correlation there:

"People with certain kinds of brain damage may make better investment decisions. That is the conclusion of a new study offering some compelling evidence that mixing emotion with investing can lead to bad outcomes."

I was getting Modafinil from a peer of mine who was working as a strategist in a boutique bank, (Modafinil is a prescription drug in my country), something that retrospectively we both regretted since that's illegal.

My feedback for using Modafinil was quite positive, my Modafinil productivity was high, I had a fantastic work ethic, I received a lot of attention from my superiors, and I positioned myself as an authority in the firm.

It had pros and cons, my social life improved since I had more friends because a lot of my colleagues came to me when they asked for help because I had a good reputation, but it also had a dark side, because I started to distance myself from people that didn't have an impact in my professional life - Modafinil and Wall Street might alter your perception of what's important in life.

All year long in the firm, I received foreshadowing and hints from my bosses that they designate me to climb the corporate ladder, but slowly I noticed a nasty side effect of Modafinil.

I recognized that Modafinil, the long hours I've put to work, or both of them, hampered my creativity.

As a person who would usually find weird, counter-intuitive and surprising connections between seemingly two unrelated things, it was unsettling to lose that ability.

This also inflicted on my confidence, because my wits were no longer with me in conversations - I became dull and overly-logical... you could say I became a square (whereas before I was an amorphous blob).

I needed to find why this is happening and how can one reduce this side effect, my research began.

Modafinil kills Creativity
Modafinil may stifle creativity

Modafinil Kills Creativity (for creative people)

I stumbled upon this randomized controlled trial which infers that after administration of Modafinil, people with high creative scores witnessed an impairment to their cognitive abilities regarding creativity, meaning their scores on the tests declined:

"However, a median split analysis showed that, after modafinil administration, highly creative participants had significantly lower scores than low creative participants on the convergent thinking task, indicating that the modafinil administration impaired performance in those high in creativity personality trait"

Yes, you've read right, the creative people taking Modafinil performed worse than less creative participants taking the placebo.

Not humble, but imperative of me to do: I stopped using Modafinil at once, figuring it will rewind my brain into it's creative default mode.

I was right, slowly but surely my vocabulary became richer, mind recalibrated into a more playful state, compared to the dullness induced by Modafinil.

My Modafinil productivity was quite high, but my performance at the firm didn't suffer from me eliminating the Modafinil and work connection.

Seems like the smart drug allowed me to reach a certain professional level and maintain it without it; granted, I stopped working at this firm and migrated into more spiritual activities and writing, which I had an authentic passion about - no more graphs for me.

Modafinil was essential in my journey, but I learned to use it with caution and not get dependent on it - as of today I use it on a bi-weekly basis.


The verdict

It's ok to try Modafinil for Work, or to enhance your productivity via Modafinil, but I encourage you to try and see if this pharmaceutical cognitive enhancer has downsides for you - try to do some creative tests while you're on it to understand if this tonic impairs your creative side.

If it does not, it is not necessarily means you are not creative at all, the biological ecosystem is very elusive - it might have to do with genes, or enzymes, or 101 reasons.

As of today, I get a much more holistic cognitive enhancement by utilizing nootropic stacks like mindlab pro, which consist of much less side effects compared to modafinil, and hit a broader range of cognitive traits:

  • Working memory & Short term memory & Long term

  • Focus & attention

  • Ambition

  • Verbal fluency & verbal memory

  • Executive function

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