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Modafinil and Bodybuilding

Man working out

Many of the individuals who utilize Modafinil happen to be working out to maintain good health, gain a neat physique, or just happen to love the challenge.

The intersection of Modafinil and bodybuilding got our attention - maybe this smart drug can enhance not only cognition, but also physical abilities?

Maybe, for example, this study examined 15 male athletes with excellent aerobic power (VO2max), and inferred that compared to placebo, Modafinil reduced their sensations of fatigue:

"Acute ingestion of modafinil prolonged exercise time to exhaustion at 85% VO2max and reduced RPE. The RPE results suggest that the dampening of the sensation of fatigue was likely a factor responsible for the enhanced performance."

But what about the anecdotes? The subjective experiences outside the scientific sphere?

We spoke to a friend of ours, an avid bodybuilder who happens to be a nootropics savvy guy.

He agreed to share his story of the period when he combined Modafinil and Bodybuilding, albeit asked to remain anonymous, so he'll refer to himself as Austin.

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Modafinil and Working out

Hey it's "Austin".

I'll tell you a little story about when I used Modafinil for the first time.

It all started when I was sifting through the forums just socializing with my fellow bodybuilders, learning from them and sharing my knowledge as well - scratch my back I'll scratch yours in return kind of vibe.

Until I encountered this thread, the thought of using substances to sharpen my physical performance has never even crossed my mind.

But the words of the users captivated me:

"Clears your mind"
"Militaries are now using it in place of Adderrall for pilots and special ops"

It piqued my interest for some reason.

I thought to myself - what does a drug that sharpens your mind has to do with muscle gains? Apparently a lot.

It's quite bizarre because before using Modafinil I only had coffee 5-6 times ever, so my brain was really fresh going into the experimentation with this drug.

I really was a prude when it came to these things, I remember fearing the cup of java because of the infamous caffeine crashes, (which at the thread, the commentors said Modafinil does not have) and because I just felt I can capture my goals through a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my body.

Anyhow, something clicked in my brain and I got a Provigil package, I'll spare the details how (today the market has a lot of good Nootropics and smart drugs vendors, while back in the day it wasn't like that. Let's just leave it at that, haha).

Battle rope exercise


First time using Modafinil for sport

Good morning, open sesame, one 200 mg pill, big glass of water, down the hatch...

And a banana 20 min post ingestion!

I drove to the gym for my morning workout, at the time I was actually experimenting with weighted calisthenics, so it was a full body workout - legs, back, hands, chest... even calves!

Since I really invested myself into developing a good overall fitness, the workouts were holistic, combining anaerobic and aerobic exercises, high frequency workouts.

I began with my warm-up, doing stretches, foam roller and jumping jacks just to get the blood flowing.

Slowly but surely, 50 minutes after taking Modafinil, I began to notice I'm really into my sets.

Doing pull-ups with a 20 kilo (44 pounds) bag is no easy task, especially when you tax your muscles to maximum capacity by doing drop sets.

Drop sets are starting with X amount of weights, and when you fail to preform the set, you reduce the weight to Y, so your body can use its little energy left to complete the set with the new weight, and so on until you're left with no additional weights.

For me, that was always a scary exercise, because you arrive to rep failure fast, and rapidly.

But suddenly it came to my attention that I'm just going through these sets without even thinking about it.

It was very noticeable and profound because I virtually had no "come-up", so the 0 to 100 really surprised me.

It felt a bit "robotic" in a sense because my mind was super clear, laser-focused, and I just wanted to literally destroy that workout, no questions asked, no mambo jumbo.

Also, I'm not a shy introverted man, but usually I'm quiet at the gym; when Modafinil is in my blood stream that's not the case, I became one of these guys who growl, moan, shout, and bein' very noticeable in the gym hahaha...

There were two downsides when using Modafinil for Bodybuilding:

  1. The laser focused and extreme motivation to do a killer workout, came on the expense of my ability to socialize.

  2. Usually after a workout I get famished, which is a good thing because I have a fast metabolism, so it's paramount for me to eat in order to grow / maintain my muscle mass - but Modafinil completely eradicated my will to eat, I had virtually no appetite until the evening.

At the time I was a 178 cm/5.8 feet (still am) with a 65 kilo /143 lbs mass, so using Modafinil was a big no-no if I wanted to keep growing.

I kept experimenting with Modafinil, and found the optimal dosage for me, 50 mg, where I can strip the appetite suppression effects without killing the enticing phenomena of extreme focus.

Male Ingesting a pill

I must admit, my career was another beneficiary from the supplementation with Modafinil, not only my bodybuilding routine.

As the years went by, I alternated between many supplements, such as BCAA, pre-workouts, protein shakes, coffee, testosterone, peptides, synthetic & herbal nootropics.

The one thing I haven't used is steroids - believe it or not, I consider myself a casual gym member.

Needless to say, when it comes to enhancing your mindset before a workout, Modafinil is still received in high regard on my supplementation portfolio.

Although today I opt to use it for work, from time to time I still pop Moda to have a killer workout, it just works.

Modafinil Safety

I cannot stress this enough - even though Modafinil has low abuse potential and considered generally safe, it's important to read about the side effects and the safety profile of this drug.

Remember, this is a schedule IV pharmaceutical drug, meaning that it is FDA regulated and has a vast array of effects on the human body and on your brain, I recommend doing deep research before diving into this experience, just like I did.

TIP: Try to reduce the amount you're taking and play around with the days you're taking it, Moses wrote an excellent article about Modafinil dosages, that I strongly stand by - it's all about doing things the smart way.

I'm not objective, because I know Moses the owner, but I can tell you for certain that this site has a good mindset and written material for learning this smart drug in depth.

Never stop learning about the tools you use to create a better you.


Modafinil and Bodybuilding - The Verdict

So as you can see, whilst Austin enjoyed the benefits of Modafinil to Bodybuilding, he also points out the importance of harnessing this pharmaceutical agent in a sophisticated and safe manner, omitting unnecessary side effects and taking care of your health before diving into deep waters.

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