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Limitless Performance Pills

Is it true, or fantasy - the notion of pills for limitless performance?

The recent boom in the nootropics industry arouses some questions - is this snake oil? Are people being fooled? And is there a pill that elicits true limitless mental capabilities?

Nootropic pill and the brain
Will Neuroaugmentation become the norm?

Modafinil Overview

Often times, Modafinil is being portrayed in social media or news outlets, as this magical pharmaceutical drug that the fictional NZT-48 Limitless pill is based on... But is that completely true?

I have a personal experience with Modafinil and smart drugs. As a student, I always had trouble staying focused and motivated. It was not until I tried Modafinil that my life changed for the better.

Modafinil is a drug that helps people stay awake and alert for long periods of time without feeling tired or exhausted, in scientific jargon that's a "eugeroic" drug.

It is used to treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

It is also used by students to help them stay awake during exam periods, or by those who want to be more productive at work.

Nootropics are drugs that are purported to improve cognition or memory without any harmful side effects on the brain. They are marketed as cognitive enhancers to improve cognitive traits such as:

  • Memory

  • Motivation

  • Neuroprotection

  • Neurogenesis & neuroplasticity

  • Focus & attention

So the short answer is yes. These smart drugs can help you achieve a higher level of performance to finish your tasks and get more done in a day. Some are not completely safe, but Modafinil have been named "the world's first safe smart drug" by Harvard and Oxford scientists.

But jumping for smart drug to a "limitless performance pill" is quite the stretch.

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Modafinil is a Limitless performance pill?

We asked a friend of ours to share her story:

Hello people, first I’d like to be anonymous with this article, so let’s just say my alias is “NZtea”, a small homage to the Limitless movie (and TV series!) (:

So like many others, my flirtation with nootropics started after I watched the movie “Limitless”, I sought to know if there truly is a Limitless performance pill, a pill that once popped, the side effects are only the Cha-Ching sounds created by a brain ready to digest anything in its way.

It was a beautiful connection, my missing part of the puzzle.

My experience with Modafinil was amazing at first, I felt, I'm in a movie while talking to people, ideas rush to me and what has been on my mind for so long comes out with confidence and pragmatism.

Suddenly I felt like no work could be challenging or tough, because everything is just a light ray of cold sun above me.

I tried Modafinil for the first time, and it worked wonders for me.

Within 45 minutes of taking this pill, I had an increased mental clarity and sense of well-being, which helped me to cope with my worst fear at the time - doing cold-calls to prospects.

My career as a real estate agent was in its infancy at the time, as a result, total productivity went up by 50%, definitely not a limitless performance pill, but the closest thing to that.

How do I mean? Foremost the dread of doing calls to leads who were not interested in my services crumbled as I was medicated with Modafinil, I had the confidence to call anyone and to present them with the value I offer.

Beyond making me a persistent and persevering saleswoman, I also noticed I got opinionated, in a good way - I stood and defended my thoughts and ideas to the extent of the team executing more of my business ideas on the entrepreneurship side of the business.

It's a sad truth but Important to believe if you want to succeed in business - It's a jungle out there, and sometimes you have to go for battles to create and make things go your way; you need to speak, or shout what you have on your mind, and you must promise putting in the hours.

Of course, you can search for that limitless performance pill like I did, but productivity stems from within, and on top of that you add layers of everything else - that's my 2 cents.

Real estate businesswoman
That's not me... but you get the idea!

After more experimentation with nootropics and then practically cutting caffeine from my diet altogether, I made the Modafinil use more smooth and less speedy.

It is always about the user's personality, the individual choices about their food beliefs, sleeping style, types of physical activity etc., at what point they feel best taking Modafinil and how they alter their stimulant routine to obtain optimal performance.

For me, Modafinil was good at the start, but I'm a very energized person regardless of if I use a stimulant or not, so I decided to let Modafinil go because I was only 21 years old, and read that Modafinil might not be suitable for adolescents.

My performance at the office definitely decreased since I decided to discontinue supplementing with Modafinil, however, I found good nootropic alternatives that are even closer to being the real life limitless performance pills for me.

* She's referring to Mindlab pro, a comprehensive blend of amino-acids, herbs, and cognitive enhancing nootropics that hits a plethora of points of cognition. We asked her to elaborate:

Mindlabpro did what Modafinil did and beyond.

I gained better focus, granted not as radical as Modafinil, but I also gained:

  • Improved linguistics - it's like your brain got cleaned, you shot words fast and become articulate, and eloquent. Which is very Important in my niche - sales.

  • Mental clarity - I'll be hard-pressed to explain that, you feel clearer, you know what you want, and how to get it.

  • Better memory - Modafinil did not affect my memory a bit, while Mindlab pro what a true limitless performance pill in the arena of memory. Suddenly I remember names, anecdotes, and other little details much more. That's my favorite part about this formula because memory is everything in life as far as I'm concerned.

Need a potent, safe, science based formula of nootropics? MindLabPro Is hands down the best product in the market

For calmness, motivation, clarity, mood and more...



My tip for you would be, you should weigh the costs and the benefits, I'm pretty sure nootropics are appropriate for most people while Modafinil may be too much for others.

Just don't get caught up in your old plans, and be dynamic - If Modafinil does not work for you there are other alternatives you can try, don't lose faith on this, one day you will find your own limitless pill!

I was NZtea, thank you for reading!

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