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Welcome! I'm Moses.

As you've seen in our logo, Modafinil integrity is all about Reliability, Transparency and Education - as a nootropics enthusiast I am roaming the internet a lot, probably like you - learning about the awesome world of nootropics and biohacking each day.

Forums, Facebook groups, formal media outlets' articles and bloggers are often times presenting half of the picture regarding modafinil & armodafinil, and this misinformation can be very damaging.

The individual may cause himself harm - we are talking about brain chemistry here - a topic that we should tackle with a lot of logic,

rational and facts, and try to omit feelings or bias.

I encountered a lot of scary stories - people relying solely on afinils and not getting adequate sleep, taking it with drugs like alcohol without giving any second thought and not using breaks to let the brain rest and recalibrate itself - hence - people may damage their bodies and their cognition... And that's why:

Modafinil integrity was created!

Our mission is highlighting the truth in a fun and intuitive way, promote smart and safe use of the great powers called modafinil & armodafinil and support you in your journey to become you, but better.

Feel free to look around about our research based site! When we use anecdotes we (of course) mention it!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions, share ideas, send business inquiries or just tell us anything cool in our contact form!

Have a good day! 😊


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