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The Truth About Modafinil

We at Modafinil integrity admire the plethora of little cosmoses out there — inside your heads.

The brain is a mystery for mankind, and we're fascinated by this intricate puzzle, it is an enigma for scientists and enthusiasts alike.


Our appreciation manifests with contemplating neurological and philosophical notions in our spare time - Basically, we are HOOKED.

We're also very appreciative of the arsenal of tools in the cognitive enhancement industry; however, we feel that there is a very fine line between correctly bolstering the brain to misusing smart drugs, thus wreaking havoc inside this delicate machine.

We love modafinil (aka Provigil), it is somewhat of a wonder pill, and it can transform you into a super-productive human, but, there are a lot of caveats to cover here: we'll show you how to utilize the benefits of Moda the best and safest way, (whilst removing the unnecessary side effects) and showcase the nootropic alternatives you can use.


Let us reiterate - you'll learn how to protect your brain and body while on peak performance.

So start looking around, it's basically a comprehensive modafinil guide based on our personal experience, anecdotes and the official scientific research and literature.

Our mission


You've probably heard the next few depictions before:

  • Viagra for the brain

  • World's first safe smart drug

  • Limitless pill

  • Bla, bla and… bla

Well, maybe the fourth one is new to you, nonetheless —  We are not here to fill your head with trivial mantras you've heard too many times​ in the past, We'd rather present a different approach on the topic of cognitive enhancement, one that hopefully will provide you with new insights:

Let us paint the gray area with black and white — modafinil is a smart drug, not a nootropic.

Let's dive deeper into the semantics of these two words, and what are the applications to the brain:

There is a lot of ambiguity regarding these definitions but from our perspective and for many circles in the supplements community, a Nootropic substance is one that abides by the following criteria:

           It is Neuroprotective, hence, protecting neurons (brain cells) from either Oxidation, Inflammation, Injury, and other forms of brain deleterious phenomena.

           Within the recommended dosage, a nootropic presents none to minor side effects.

           It is a non-toxic substance.

           It improves brain function via one (or more) of these aspects: memory, focus, verbal fluency, grasping / learning abilities, or any other trait in the human cognitive spectrum.

Nootropics, we believe, are the more successful brother of smart drugs, and the latter, unlike the former, is not necessarily characterized by factor number 2' — Modafinil is non-toxic, somewhat neuroprotective, and improves brain function, but being a smart drug — comprises side effects that can make its use counter-productive.

Mainstream smart drugs such as methylphenidate or Adderall are much riskier than Provigil, but we believe that with proper use — Moda can even be transformed into the nootropics' category of substances - an agent with a high safety profile.

To us, safety comes first, and we'll help you compose the right mindset to succeed both in safety and to achieve your expectations from the pharmaceutical drug.

Remember, proper use goes hand in hand with the desired experience.

Have a dose of integrity and transparency with our guides in the following section.

Modafinil pill
Modafinil pill
Modafinil pill
Modafinil pill
What is Modafinil


Let's explore more concrete facts - anecdotally and research based, people yield multiple cognitive benefits from modafinil, the most common and tangible pros are:

  • Focus & concentration — The “Afinil” family nuts and bolts is its ability to send your brain into timeless flow states where you find yourself deep down into your activity and sometimes (If modafinil is working well) you become aware of your flow retrospectively — after hours into your work; We'll help you harness that and the other positive effects!   It's time for some laser focus.

  • Motivation — This one goes hand in hand with the above effect — Modafinil subtly affects dopamine and monoamine neurotransmitter levels in the brain in such a manner that doesn't deplete out these important brain molecules; thus improving your ambition and desire to do work without harsh drawbacks! — From a couch potato to a machine.

  •  Memory & learning retention — This one is a little tricky, the studies are indicating the effects of modafinil on memory are positive, but the anecdotes are ambiguous. Moda isn't a cholinergic compound (i.e. a compound that modulates the major memory system in the brain), but it has been empirically proven that It improves certain memory types in healthy volunteers!

         Where'ed I put my keys?

  • Diminishing brain fog — Brain fog is annoying, whilst not an “official” medical condition (but more of a symptom of an underlying cause) brain fog is a hampering phenomena. It usually stems from environmental and personal factors such as bad diet, mold exposure, mercury in food or dental filings, et cetera… Modafinil does not “cure” brain fog, but it is a huge tool for kicking things off in the right direction — like rocket fuel that gives a spacecraft a burst of energy, that momentum you keep alive by providing the right circumstances (To the spacecraft it's zero gravity, to your body it's a healthy lifestyle). Neurons: ON!

  • A bit of pharmacology: Modafinil “upgrades” the functioning of the prefrontal cortex.     A good analogy that'll shed light on the PFC'S role in the brain is referring to it as a conductor of a complex (neurological) orchestra, thus modafinil boosts information processing and enhances people's executive function.

As you can see, modafinil's positives are quite colorful (Yeah… Sorry about that), with that being said, don't get upset if effects are mediocre at first, it can happen since we are all organisms with very complex and different biology —  our forte IS modafinil, we'll help you overhaul any issues.

It is worth noting that there are more effects that are of a word-of-mouth nature, which aren't present in the medical literature.

We have a special section in the site for modafinil anecdotes, the good and the bad: “Modafinil anecdotes

Modafinil's Benefits
Modafinil pills placed in order


Modafinil pill alertness, clarity
Modafinil pill alertness, fog

from fog

to clarity

“Sharp as a tack, smart as a whip”

Implement sharpness, alertness, and productivity  into your life with modafinil, delivered straight to you.

You don't have to pay money for modafinil and then find out it's not for you — try modafinil and armodafinil sample packs now, It's free!

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Who doesn't want to be better, faster and stronger? There's a tendency to refer to the smart drug as an impeccable "Neuro-enhancer" on one side, and on the other side of the public dialogue the inclination is to fend off and bash modafinil... where's the truth? Somewhere in the middle!

We (as promised) as an unbiased, reliable resource are fostering an honest and enlightening conversation.

First let's take a look at common and well-known modafinil side effects, they include but not limited to:

  • Dry mouth

  • Dizziness

  • Loss of appetite

  • Trouble sleeping (insomnia)

  • Headaches

  • Nausea

They are all pretty formal and can be mitigated/completely omitted with proper intelligent use, but what about the other esoteric facts that are “welded” to modafinil & armodafinil use?

  • May alter brain plasticity in a developing brain

  • Not enough research about long term use

  • Modafinil and verbal fluency

  • Modafinil hinders memory (Yes, memory can be hampered or improved)

  • Negative anecdotes roaming around 

If you are new to the smart drugs modafinil & armodafinil be sure to read our research based safety guides to become more educated before any possible purchase; like we said above: safe use is the more efficient use cognitive wise. Our tips and tricks are very valuable (;

Modafinil's Side Effects

Nootropic Alternatives

Curious about any alternatives to modafinil? Seeking a natural solution for boosting your performance as a skeptic towards men made substances?


You're in luck - the nootropic world has the answer for you in the form of nootropic stacks, stacks are proprietary formulas containing different cognition improving amino acids, vitamins, herbs from ancient medical schools of thought like the traditional Chinese and Indian medicines and other nootropic substances.

After capitalism took notice of the growing trend of brain augmentation with nootropics, new young companies started to aggregate, blend and market nootropic stacks that are supposed to help the brain in the short-term game, long term, protect it overtime (neuroprotection), repair it (neuroregeneration), and improve its structure with use (brain plasticity), instead of providing a one-time solution like smart drugs do.

This growing industry power of natural nootropic blends moves the less safe and less contributing smartdrugs to the (negative) brims of the public's conception.

We are big advocates of natural alternatives to modafinil and other stimulants, for some people they can replace the need for modafinil - nootropic blends don't just make you feel like they wiped out the dust in your brain - they actually do it!

There are a lot of options when it comes to marketed blends, some companies have brilliant crews of biohackers and scientists that have a deep understanding in pharmacology and neuroscience thus they deliver superb nootropic blends that are made with a lot of thought behind the formulations, and complementary relationships between the compounds which makes a 1+1=3 kind of situation.

Other companies just eclectically and randomly throw in their nootropic formulas substances without a second thought, not basing their decisions on research,  some don't even reveal the specific dosage of each substance, and don't use third party quality control.

The best nootropic stack developers are hands down the guys and gals from mind lab pro - they follow all the criteria that makes a good nootropic stacks company, and users report a profound and positive change as a result of supplementing with mind lab pro.

  • Scientists make up their formulas

  • They do third party analysis for quality control

  • Fully transparency (Something we appreciate here)

Don't take our word for it, have a look yourself:

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Modafinil became really recognized in biohacking and mainstream groups in the past decade — from a secret tool in the midst of high-performance communities such as fighter pilots and soldiers under extreme battle conditions; CEO'S & professionals in sectors, and industries with high demanding cognitive needs;  techie entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley seeking an edge over other competitors, to a ubiquitous, conformist and legitimate tool that's used by anyone looking to upgrade their output in anything they do.


Time and time again it has been shown that these high-performing individuals find that Moda provides them with hours upon hours of productive energized flow states.


Modafinil is a prescription drug formally being used to assist patients with medical sleep disorders to cope with extreme tiredness — as a strong Eugeroic drug (enhancing and promoting wakefulness but not a stimulant) modafinil is extremely successful with assisting people with syndromes such as narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder — They use Provigil (brand name) as a therapeutic but not a healing tool to help them function in daily life.

With that being said, most prescriptions for modafinil according to the data are for off-label use.

So do you have to be under the judging eyes of your physician to get your hands on Moda?

Luckily, no: there's a myriad of vendors that let you order generic modafinil and armodafinil online over-the-counter, more importantly, we handpicked the best vendors for you to have a great experience.

In the case of purchasing modafinil or armodafinil in small consumer quantities, we are not aware of anyone facing legal problems as a result, but it's in your best interest to read the legal statues of the Afinils in your country.

Usually worst case scenario is when customs seize packages containing modafinil or armodafinil, when that happens our recommended vendors provide you with a refund or send a new package, so you can be sure customer service provides convenience. 

Modafinil's current affairs


Now, your connotation to the word “Generic” is probably “meh” more than “woo-hoo!” in the modafinil world that's a paradigm: “Generic” means that the original pharma company that got the patent for modafinil and armodafinil did not manufacture the drug because their patent expired.

What are the applications of this fact regarding you? You get a much cheaper product (averaging a $1 per pill with generics instead of $20 with brand name drugs) with the quality and the exact chemical composition of the patented version, a huge difference in price for the same thing, and much less hustle — they send it straight to you.

So after we learned that generic modafinil & armodafinil are de facto the same as the brand name “Provigil” (Modafinil) And “Nuvigil” (armodafinil) with regard to the cognitive effects and actually better at the price element now we need to analyze the generic modafinil brands:

There are two key players:  Sun  pharmaceuticals  and HAB pharmaceuticals, both are the world leading generic modafinil manufacturers.

Sun pharmaceuticals — We are recommending Sun pharmaceuticals products because they are known to be more potent and effective, thus giving you the ability to cut down doses substantially and get a bang for your buck.

Modalert — that's their modafinil brand and Waklert- that's their armodafinil brand.

HAB pharmaceuticals — Although their products provide with shorter lasting modafinil (6-8 hours) they are a little cheaper than Sun pharmaceutical's products.

Modvigil — counterpart to Modalert and Artvigil their counterpart to Waklert.

Generic Moda


These are our recommended modafinil vendors for buying modafinil online, which are prominent in a variety of positive factors, as stated down.

They are years in business and not flashy, short-lived trends — This experience gives them orientation and grasping of the market, thus the ability with giving the customer quality product, providing with great customer services and distinctive traits such as full refunds or re-shipments in any case the product has not arrived.

Moreover, they got a little bonus — best reviews,






2. SINCE 2016 (!)



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2. Huge selection

3. Various payment methods


Buying modefinil online


It's time to take a walk to the magical land of medical jargon, shall we?

The full “mechanism of action”, hence the way modafinil biologically does to us what it does, is somewhat elusive and not yet unequivocal to scientists.


They did prove certain processes but did not pinpoint to a holistic image, or to a certain “district” aka receptor sites in the brain where's all the fiesta is happening.

Is that bad? Well, it's not a positive sign, for sure, but it's not necessarily a bad thing, same case with anesthesia  — The scientific community is not sure how it works, despite that, it's still popular.

Luckily, science unraveled most of modafinil's secrets — So what do we know?

The drug works in the following ways:

1. Dopamine — Modafinil works as a weak DAT inhibitor, like Methylphenidate or Amphetamines, but in a much more subtle fashion, thus is much safer; DAT  is a protein that removes dopamine from synaptic clefts — areas of communication between neurons. When modafinil removes the remover, more dopamine is available — So modafinil does not create more dopamine out of thin air (like Adderall) but rather uses the available amount more efficiently. 

2. Orexin and Histamine — Moda modulates and enhances signaling in the orexinergic and histaminergic systems, which are playing important rules in arousal and sleepiness.

3. Gaba — Modafinil attenuates the central nervous system's inhibitory gabaergic system, thus making neurons more likely to “fire” (A lot of systems, ay?).

4. Serotonin & noradrenaline — Modafinil also stimulates the monominergic systems of Serotonin and Norepinephrine.

This is a good time to note that there is almost no distinction between modafinil and armodafinil.

5. Modafinil stays in the bloodstream for a relatively long time, the half life is 12-15 hours; reaches peak concentration levels at the 2 hours mark and the drug is primarily leaving the body through urine, so water is essential!

Modafinil's pharmacology


First things first — good for you for arriving down here, you have an inquisitive mind if you read all that said above. If you just scrolled down here for other reasons — forget what I just said (The third option is that you are on modafinil or armodafinil and got into extreme focus and finished the whole page without noticing)…

All in all, Modafinil is a "famous" smart drug that allows people to reach extreme productive states and harness your brain to your favor thus become more successful, you may be a little skeptic about modafinil after reading this page — that's not the purpose, we are satisfied with modafinil, but we use it logically, and we encourage you to do as well  — not in the volume and amounts you may have heard it's common to use; Every good thing in life is susceptible to being used in a bad way, even water when used too much can bring devastating results — so modafinil is no exception, use it, but use our site to gain knowledge on how to use it properly, which will bring you a happy and satisfying experience!

With that being said, we disagree with it being labeled as a “nootropic” substance because of different aspects be if it's side effects, or it's lack of long term research, BUT, and it's a big but as you can see — the afinils can be used in such a way that minimizes any possible danger to you, we ENCOURAGE  you to read our fun and informational articles and guides to learn more about safety, making afinils stronger, and so on…

As well, feel free to enlist to our newsletter to be up-to-date with possible vendor discounts, new guides et cetera…

We do not spam in our newsletter, quite the contrary, we seldom send emails and when we do, it's when we believe the article can benefit you big time.

Thanks for submitting!

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